A fête accompli

Today we headed off to the next village for their annual summer fete.

This is the 110th Baltonsborough fete and, in my opinion, it is one of the best around these parts. Aside from a few billboards propped up at T junctions, and their programme for sale in village shops, it is not widely publicised. In fact, there is no information on it anywhere online… I don’t think it wants, or needs, to be anything other than it is…

A perfectly peaceful, unpretentious, village fete.

Here’s some of my favourite shots from the competition tent & outside (click to enlarge/see notes):

a family admires the marrows

5 beautiful shallots

an entry in the "6 eggs any type" sector

2nd prize for these jam tarts... I'd eat them!

Cakes galore but not a cupcake in sight… what a relief!

Glastonbury Tor... on a painted shell. Genius!

A tiny Glastonbury Tor… on a painted shell. Genius.

Such careful work. I'd have given it first :)

Gents take it in turn to see if they've won the best photograph





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