You must remember this…

This post is dedicated to anyone who thinks their garden is too small to grow fruit and veg… or who thinks it will take years and years to get established… or who doesn’t know where to start… or who just likes a trip down memory lane.

This was my garden in spring 2015. I just wanted a veg patch…Raised beds digging the foundation

I worked quite hard over several weekends… Raised beds gravel

By the time I’d shifted the top soil I was knackered…IMG_2409.JPG

But still alive. I could have (should have?) stopped here. But…IMG_4880

I then wanted to grow some flowers round the edge for bees…IMG_4887

I realised I needed more room for permanent fruit…IMG_4902

I planted plug plants…IMG_4903

They grew…21 June 2015

Summer arrived. It all grew more…BIRU-WP-20150731T103316GMT-0100.jpg

She grew too…IMG_2057.JPG

We picked…BIRU-WP-20150902T073242GMT-0100.jpg

We feasted… I’d fallen in love with my new garden…9/19/15

Autumn arrived. I didn’t stop there. Too much to do…Time to remove the beans

I carried on picking, planting, and plotting…Raised beds in November

The garden design made it really easy to work, even in winter…12/11/15

2016 arrived and I decided to step it up a notch…1/8/16

I put black plastic down to clear the grass…2/7/16

In lots of places…2/24/16

I got a bit carried away…IMG_4940

Even the unusable bits got converted (thanks to Everedge)…everedge terraces

We had a weird spring and I thought I’d over done it…a hail storm in March

I just got on with other things…nourishing the soil, preparing…

We still had plenty of overwintered things to pick and eat…4/5/16

I went doo-lally and added more beds in the front garden…front garden new beds in waiting

Spring continued to faff about…5/4/16

but eventually sorted itself out…

an evening in May

Things planted in all the new beds began to grow… and grow…

And here we are, a year and a half on from where it started…

Summer 2016. Can you believe this was once that patch of grass?8/12/16

Any plans for the rest of the garden? Well, I think we all need a rest sometimes. I’m letting nature do the work in this bit.7/8/16


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