Babies under the gooseberry bush… but whose?

I was a bit shocked this morning to discover that my two gooseberry bushes, only planted this spring, have been ravaged by an attack of tiny green ‘caterpillars’. I’d love to know what they are… I don’t believe they are sawfly larvae as they are not spotted… but maybe they’re another type? Whatever they are, they eat fast and show no mercy when it comes to gooseberry leaves.


I was about to cut the ones I could see (so tiny, and well camouflaged) in half with a pair of nail-scissors when a big wasp dive-bombed me several times… I was obviously interfering with his breakfast. As there have been some nasty (unprovoked) wasp attacks in this area lately, I left him to it, and when I came back later the ‘caterpillars’ had disappeared.

I hope the bushes will survive.

Does anyone have any ideas on what it is? They are about 1cm long… 

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