More fool you

“What’s for pudding, mum? Tell me it’s not yoghurt again?”

No, it’s, it’s … Gooseberry Fool.

What’s Fool?”

“Well, you, um, take some goosberries and some…um…”

The gooseberries were so precious, I could have strung them together, hung them round my neck, and done a Josephine Baker round the lawn.

Josephine Baker

Instead I procrastinated, ogling them every time I opened the fridge.

In the end I was the fool (thankfully not in a “half-naked in the garden” way) and it was yoghurt again. But a rather special one.

Personally, I think our puddings have all been rather special lately.

Alpine (aka wild) strawberries with homemade elderflower cordial and… Greek yoghurt

Blueberries with wild strawberries and drizzled honey on… Greek  yoghurt

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