My other soup’s a Borscht

So, I got a bit more experimental with my next soup, having quite a few beetroot that needed using up, as well as a few vegetable oddities… A mutant onion, some garlic, a few Borlotti beans to try fresh (it’s my first time growing them), the rest of that giant courgette, some skinny but tasty celery, a  split carrot. This isn’t really a proper Ukrainian borscht. I’ve used lime juice and greenish tomatoes for the sour taste normally provided by fermented beetroot or cabbage. Instead of beef stock, I served it with some nice sausages, that we cut up and stirred in at the end.

I decided to prepare the Borlotti beans separately… to make sure they were cooked, and to try their taste on their own. I experimented by mixing them with lime juice and ground sea salt, which was actually very nice, and popped these on top of the borscht as a garnish.

My daughter, who seems to have gone off soup of late and won’t eat it, was quite happy to eat borscht.

It’s all about the brand these days.

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