Romanesco, tu sei una stella

It is the first year I’ve grown the Romanesco variety of courgette and one of the many things I’m loving about it is the way it creates cogs in the pan and star shapes on the plate.

This gets me thinking why certain shapes appeal more than others… It reminds me of my love of the arched window on BBC’s Play School all those years ago (you might have to be over 45 to remember it). I always wanted them to go through the arched window. Not the round. Nor the square. The arched.

Anyway, the ones photographed in the pan are my ideal size and the grilled ones on the right are from the overgrown specimen I picked earlier. I’m thinking they could also look and taste rather stellar fried in batter, tempura style, and would look like golden sunflowers?

If you struggle to get children (young or old) to eat courgettes, this variety might just persuade them!

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