A ramble in the brambles

It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that the hedges bordering the garden were covered in  blackberry blossom. Now they are laden with ripening fruits. I’ve been out every day after work collecting. There’s usually enough for a small sieveful of ripe ones each evening. After a quick rinse, I freeze them on a tray to keep their shape, then bag them up to use later…

My small freezer is crammed with them now… I’m wondering what to make. I’ve got lots of jam already. And I made some delicious ice cream with them last week…

I name this ice cream “Black Ice” !


I could save some for crumbles, although the ice cream would go very nicely with an apple pie. The blackberries seem to be much earlier than the apples this year, don’t you think?

I could try making wine. Or some more flavoured gin…

Any suggestions?


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