Green with envy at The Pig Hotel

Oh, how I’d dearly love a greenhouse!

This is my lament whenever I spot a rather gorgeous one.

I recently visited The Pig Hotel, near Bath, for an annual gathering of old friends. With its veg-tastic menu and covetable kitchen garden, guess who suggested this venue? I could barely contain myself, once the bill was paid and long goodbyes said,  to backtrack to the garden to take a recce.

Beautiful productive vegetable beds stretched in all directions but it was a spanking new greenhouse that I was drawn to. Still in the final stages of construction, I pressed my nose up to the glass and dreamed. I collared a friendly gardener to get the details… “What a beautiful greenhouse…” I said. “Twelve thousand pounds” he said. “And then-some, once we’re finished with the flooring”. Oh. He looked as stunned as I did.

I carried on, drawn to some older, just as lovely, greenhouses. With a larger footprint (and drier) than my cottage, I could live in one of those greenhouses.

On the drive home, the reality set in. If I ever do have a spare £12k there’s a myriad of other things I’ll have to spend that money on. Rotting windows, a leak in the roof, a geriatric fuse box…the list goes on.

So instead, I’m looking at some high quality tall cold frames from Access. They are strong aluminium, have all sorts of clever features, can be powder-coated to look stylish, and are glazed with toughened glass (I’m not buying plastic cold frames again…they never last). These are not cheap, but could just about be do-able with the company’s finance plan…


but I really must get that roof leak fixed first.

My mind is not completely made up yet, and I’ll be looking at other options too… Have you bought a good greenhouse recently or been looking to buy one? Or perhaps you’ve got some less-expensive but just as productive alternatives? What’s your heart’s desire? 

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