Indigo Rose: a tattoo too far?


As you know, I love my tomatoes. If I ever ventured into TattoosRus (there must be one by now?) I would choose a tomato… maybe a whole vine of them.

Of all the many and varied tomatoes I grew from seed this year, it was the fabulously named ‘Indigo Rose’ that I was looking forward to tasting the most. Unfortunately, all my tomato plants eventually succumbed to blight and very few fruits ripened on the plants. What a shame, after all that hard work.

All was not completely lost as the blight nearly always affects the leaves and stems first. I picked lots of unblemished green tomatoes, then brought them inside to ripen under cover in the cool of the pantry. A couple of ripe bananas have helped them along, and a reasonable amount have been usable (if not remarkable).

The Indigo Rose toms have taken the longest to turn full colour, and I’ve just (late October!) been able to make a lunch out of them. After swearing “never again”, their amazing tones next to Basil and pasta made me think it might be worth trying them one more time, but only if I can grow them under glass.

Another reason to grow ‘black’ tomatoes is for their high levels of anthocyanins (disease-fighting compounds that help fight cancer). They also reduce inflammation (good for those tattoos!) and, apparently, slow the aging process. So, if they take the same amount of time to ripen next year, it sounds like I’ll need lots of them to smooth my furrowed brow!

See! I’ve convinced myself to try, try, and try again… But I won’t be getting that ‘Indigo Rose’ tattoo this year.


How did you get on with tomatoes? I’d also love to know what varieties you would recommend for flavour, yield and reliability. Outdoor/indoor? Perhaps you’ve grown Indigo Rose too? Please feel free to chat below…

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