It’s getting Chilli behind the curtains

October continues to be warm and sunny in my neck of the woods, but this last few days has seen that subtle shift when suddenly all the leaves have turned colour. Beautiful. But a night-time frost is surely days, if not hours, away.

A few days ago I brought my chilli plants (one black-to-red, one green), and a healthy pot of basil, indoors and they have pride of place on the sunny sitting-room windowsill. Now that I’m lighting the wood stove in the evenings, it can get quite warm in here, so at night I keep them behind the curtains where it’s cooler. They seem to have acclimatised well and they have lots of potential fruits to keep the palate warm through the winter.

It will be interesting to see if the flowers go on to produce fruit too.

Do you bring any chillies and herbs indoors for winter? What are your tips? 

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