Sunny October summary

We’ve had some smashing October weather here in Somerset. The late warmth and sunny days has made the grass continue to grow, the butterflies dance and the bees buzz.

Only in the last few days has it really started to feel autumnal. The apple tree is heaving with fruit (so heavy, they’ve pulled one of the branches off), but they’re small and not quite ripe. I should probabably have thinned them some time ago.

There’s lots of vegetables growing, plenty to take us through autumn and well into winter: Some newly planted, some ready to harvest, some that will grow on into next year.

This lot of chillies, parsley, coreander, and basil needs to go under glass or come inside this week before the temperature drops:

I’ve got lots of brassicas growing… Tuscan Cavolo nero, red Russian kale, ‘Petit Posy’ flower sprouts, red cabbages, pointy cabbages, spring cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, rose-tinted savoy. I’m also trying my luck, again, with cauliflowers. I’ve never had any luck with them, so any hints would be most welcome!

There’s still plenty of spring onions, and the first patch of leeks is ready to start harvesting. I’ve also got chicory, lettuces, beetroot, rocket, lambs lettuce, winter purslane, red chard, park choi, red mizuna, carrots, swede and parsnips on the go.

Even though the courgettes are still fruiting, a cold night will soon put them out of action … I better go and pick them for lunch while I can!





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