Where there’s muck there’s brassicas


While designing for a British handbag brand back in the late 80s, I often used to visit Walsall in Birmingham to buy brass hardware… buckles, loops etc.. Walsall still had tanneries and foundries then. I remember my first visit to Walsall, dressed fashionably ‘Young Fogey’ (silk scarf, tweeds, brogues), and asking in a southern, 20-year-old voice if I could please have a particular design ‘cast in brass’.  The shop steward went puce and hollered across the sweaty foundry:

“‘ERE! She wonts it carrrst in braarss, she duzz, caaarrst in bluddy braars!”

30 years on, and I still feel my cheeks colouring. Despite the humiliation, we developed a good relationship. I stopped wearing silk scarves and he, eventually, stopped calling me Lady Muck.

I still love solid brass.  And I very much love solid brassicas.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have these well-dressed beauties cast in brass?10/16/16




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