Feeling stuffed? Sage, Onion & Mo’capers to the rescue

Do you have a couple of post-Christmas bowls in the fridge, nursing leftover potatoes, swede or parsnips? Or perhaps you just fancy a meat-free day, something warm but quick after that much needed walk, with some fresh salad?

On Christmas Eve I had a little experiment making some ‘stuffing’ balls, and thought of the obvious seasonal sage and onion combination. Instead of sausage meat I used a tin of butter beans (I was going to use my dried borlotti beans, but they need at least 12 hours soaking and I couldn’t wait!). Mine ended up as mini burgers for supper and I stuffed the stuffing idea.

Instead of beans you could use cooked potatoes, parsnips or swede instead.

I first finely chopped red onion and garlic and gently fried those for 15 minutes before adding chopped sage… a rummage in the fridge for something to enliven it and I found an almost-empty jar of my mo’capers… a spoonful of these, also finely chopped, raised the flavours from dreary to cheery! All mixed together, with mashed beans (drain liquid off first) and shaped (this is where my balls ended up as mini cakes), dipped in flour/my home-made celery salt/pepper, and fried in a little hot olive oil. I crisped up a couple of small sage leaves in the pan to decorate. Very nice they were too!


And I had a little of the mix left over so I tried it as a crostini topper… yum!

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