Ice and untidy

Brrrr! the 1st of December has come with a decidedly Narnian chill in the air. The frosts this morning were absolutely beautiful, with trees looming out of the fog. Both are looking like they are here for the day, if not longer.

After dropping my daughter off at school, I didn’t head straight to work. Instead I doubled back home to pick up my camera. It’s not often we get December days like these in the South West… and certainly not in the last few years. Just too good to miss.


The frost really accentuates how inviting dry stalks and seed heads must be to wildlife.

Against the hedge in my garden I’ve got a couple of piles of dead matter – hedge trimmings, twigs and stalky bits – that I didn’t get round to removing last year. (Not to be confused with the ‘compost’ heap, which is currently a dense and dangerously tottering Vesuvius of mud, also yet to be dealt with). I had so many butterflies in the garden this summer that I think these two airy and dry twiggy piles must have provided hotel accommodation for them last winter. It’s not tidy, like the posh ‘bug hotels’ that have appeared in gardening magazines lately, but I’ve become too fond of them to move them.

For some reason these piles irritate my dad every time he visits, inciting mutterings of “bonfire” and “another wasted windless day”… I concede, I might have a go at making them look more attractive next summer… but for now they are staying just as they are!

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