January dreams and the virtuous reality

Rinsing the first pickings of my Petit Posy ‘flower’ sprouts, I was reminded of Monet’s Waterlilies… quite a nice thought on such a cold and windy January day. Back indoors, by the warmth of the fire, I find myself looking through gardening books from warmer places.

Nicole de Vesian’s garden in Provence and Paolo Pejrone’s Italian gardens are within easy reach through these books and, with a little imagination I can pretend I’m wandering around in flip-flops and a wide-brimmed hat that dry heat. Pure escapism. I expect we’ll soon be able to put on one of those 3D goggle thingies, stand in front of an electric fan in our underwear, and wander round gardens such as these without even leaving our armchairs? Perhaps accompanied by a ‘virtual’ head gardener or The Nations Favourite Gardener (also in long-johns), to answer any questions.

Anyway, back to the flower sprouts…

They’ve taken a while to grow big enough to be worthwhile picking because 1) I think I over-crowded the bed with too many plants and 2) the hedge sparrows are particularly fond of nibbling the young leaves. I should really net them but I’m quite fond of watching those cheeky sparrows, and listening to their endless chatter, while I’m doing the washing up.

While I was out there, I thinned out a few of the Red Russian Kale plants to give the remaining ones a bit more space.

I did have plans to do a lot more gardening today but the bitter wind means I’ve spent most of the day looking at the garden from inside. I did scurry out again and cover up three of the rhubarb plants with crocks, so that the new leaves will be forced to seek out the light. Fingers-crossed, they will speedily grow long, pink and tender in the process.

Now I’m back by the fire, looking through some seed catalogues and trying to resist temptation… I must separate fantasy from reality and remember, my New Year resolution is not to get carried away…

‘Keep it simple’!

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