Going over the ‘edge

Woo-hoo! Spring has arrived!

It’s been a little while since I last posted. Other events in life have meant that I haven’t been able to spend much time in the garden of late, and what little time I’ve had has been dedicated to some pretty boring tasks. Like mending cloches and picking up broken glass after the storms. Be thankful that I have spared you the gory details!

Aw, Mr Robin keeping me company…(or…”what the cheep-cheep are you doing with my hedge??!!”)

Most garden time has been taken up with tackling a 5 metre length of hedge at the front of the cottage. It had been completely taken over by rampant old ivy plants, and had made the tiny front garden dark and oppressing. Back in January I started cutting, sawing and hacking it back to give the supporting hawthorn a bit more light. This created some bald patches so I decided to continue, and ended up deciding to remove the ivy all together. This has taken up several Sundays and has been a particularly unpleasant job. Dusty, scratchy, thorny splinters and a few nasty near-misses with the eyes. I’m hoping that the revealed scraggly hawthorn will survive (it’s in a bit of a rotten state), and that, once the fresh green leaves and dappled light appear, it will prove to have been a worthwhile ordeal.

Chopping out the old wood and inviting in new growth is also happening elsewhere in my life at the moment… When opportunities come along in life you need to act with gusto. It’s quite exciting once you get started but, just like the hedge, there’s no turning back… I read somewhere recently that people get too hung up on working on their “confidence” to do something when all they really need is “courage”. Confidence is being sure what’s around the corner (and we can never be sure of that, can we?) whilst Courage is knowing that you can handle whatever pops up next and make the most of it. But Courage comes to nothing if you don’t do something proactive with it, so please excuse a few more weeks of erratic blogging while I push on. I will be back!

I have had some moments to plant a few things in the vegetable beds. I have so far managed to hurriedly stuff in some garlic (using 2 of my home-grown garlic bulbs from last year) and 20 broad bean seeds, both directly sown into raised beds. These are already popping up and unfurling green foliage. And I’ve just buried a handful of left over purple spuds from last years harvest that I found in a sack in the larder. Never mind “eyes”, these had developed tails and looked like a family of psychedelic mice. You never know, they might come to something!

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