When life gifts you lemons…

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a company I’d not heard of before… tree2mydoor.com … which specialises in fruit trees as gifts, sent through the post. “Would I like to try one?” they asked. “Well, thank you! I very much would”, I replied (wondering at the same time where on earth I could put a tree in my already over-crowded garden).

So it was a relief that the gift turned out to be an indoor mini lemon tree (especially as I’m partial to a G&T). More of a small pot plant than a true tree, it arrived complete with half a dozen live mini lemons brightening up the windowsill.

I’m pleased to discover tree2mydoor.com is a family business, based in Manchester, and that most of their trees are British grown, with some Italian… although this little plant originates from Portugal.

Their website says the mini lemon will produce fruit up to four times a year, and can grow up to 2m tall over 10 years. The growers label and website, Citrina, gives me more detailed information about the ‘lemon’ variety, Lara. It is actually a cross between a kumquat and a key lime.

I think if I were to recommend a lemon tree for culinary use, rather than a novelty one, then I would suggest paying a bit more for a larger ‘proper’ lemon as, although edible, these mini ones don’t smell or taste very lemony. But they certainly look cute.

So, it would be rude not to use one right now, wouldn’t it? …

Cheers everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend and here’s to a fruitful summer for one and all 🙂


Many thanks to tree2mydoor.com for the gift. 

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