A date with a prince

One of the best bits of organic gardening for me is seeing the hierarchy of wild predators develop, and how everything starts to balance itself out. It could be something dramatic, like the slow worms I discovered last week, or something as simple as this tiny spider (above). No bigger than my thumbnail, she scurried out from the carrots when I gave them a water, her babies in a bag under her. Now, although my carrots have mesh over them, I’m pretty pleased there’s going to be a few spiders keeping an eye out for any rogue carrot flies.

Similarly, I’ve seen quite a few ladybird husks this week, and I’m hoping they’ll go a-hunting for sap-zapping aphids.

I found this little toad living under my aubergine plants in the greenhouse. The aubergines have a fair amount of greenfly, but they seem to be healthy. And there don’t seem to be any snails anymore… I’m trusting this is down to Toad.

I would kiss him, but, whilst a prince has his uses, I prefer him just as he is.


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