Angels’ delight: an August holiday weekend

Red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning

… so the saying goes, but this weekend it could only be a warning to slap on the suncream and don a big hat. Once the early morning mists had risen, it was the hottest and sunniest August Bank Holiday weekend we’ve seen here for many years.

I had a lovely, quiet time, pottering around my parents’ vegetable garden, where I’ve got a lot of crops growing. It’s quite different from the cottage; much more slap-dash, a bit over-run with weeds, windier, drier… but airy, a south-facing slope, free of shade, and lots of space to give big plants like sweetcorn, squash and cabbage the space they need to flourish. Apples, plums and pears too.

Here’s some photos from the weekend:

Red sky at night, angels’ delight.

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