One passata, two passata… veg for little fusspots

It’s the first time I’ve grown the San Marzano variety of tomato. Famous as the plum tomato of choice for Italian pizza toppings and other sauces, I read that what it lacks in glossy-skinned rotundness it makes up for in a low seed count and lots of sweet tasting flesh…  all good qualities in a cooking tomato. Seeing that these features have also caught the attention of the slug/snail population in the greenhouse, I’ve picked these a little less ripe than I normally would in an attempt to get there first.

So, my first proper crop off the vines! and I’m making a  passata to go with pasta. My ten year old nephew is with us this week, and I’m hoping this puréed recipe passes the “no-veg-EVER!” test.

To make: I whizz together the tomatoes, chopped up with lots of basil, garlic and a fried-til-soft red onion (I’ve also added last night’s left-over peppers, courgettes and aubergines into the blend). Mine was a little thick, so I added a few glugs of olive oil to the blender. After tasting, I also whizzed in a few sun-dried tomatoes for extra punch. Then I cooked the sauce gently for 10 minutes. It made up enough to fill two large jars, so I’ll keep one in the fridge for pizza later in the week.


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