Roll out the barrow

Forget the dainty basket. At my parents’, a wheelbarrow is what’s needed this month.

Victoria plum bonanza. Aside from jam, any ideas?

Apples: Eaters (so good!) and cookers

The mixed cabbage bed I planted is looking very decorative.

The beans at the cottage are nothing compared to those I planted at my parents’. I used saved seeds from last year for the variety planted at the cottage.

Plenty of almost-ready sweet corn too… what a difference a sturdy fence makes!

The fence has also proved handy for my first dabble with growing Uchiki Keri squash.  Hopefully the badgers won’t be interested in the ones developing on the other side.

Uchiki Kuri is meant to have a superior flavour to butternut squash, which I’m excited about. But mine seem to be yellow rather than the expected red-orange… will they turn colour, or have I got a yellow strain? Does it matter? And does anyone know at what stage/size it’s best to pick them?

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