Life before DMV

I’m not completely new to gardening. I’d started with a double allotment in Bath. I built it up from nothing and I loved it.  Life changed, and we moved to Glastonbury. There I nurtured a small town-garden attached to a Georgian house. I built it up from nothing and I loved it. Life changed again, we separated and we moved on.

I rented a secluded holiday cottage for me and my daughter, attached to a farmhouse. It had a small garden for me to use, tended by the owner’s gardener.


I relished that rented garden because there was nothing I could do in it except enjoy it. It gave me lots of time to “get a life”… walking, going to weekend festivals, sunbathing, and visiting my favourite museums, galleries and friends in London. I was liberated and I had beautiful nails.

I really didn’t miss gardening.

When the time came to buy again, a tiny cottage – with long grass and two apple trees – had a definite appeal. I could just mix a G&T, lay out on a lounger, and enjoy that dappled shade without having to change a thing.


But during my time at the rented place I’d met a man who, at some point, had listened to me waxing lyrical about my old gardens… It stuck in his mind, and when Christmas approached, he had a brain wave.

He’d buy me a surprise garden. A Small Constant Garden from Rocket Gardens. Not knowing much about gardening himself, he was struck by how quick and easy it would be to introduce a ‘bit of gardening’ back into my life.

The sales patter read:

It’s so simple that no gardening experience is required. Just pop the plants into the ground to create your own instant kitchen garden.”

The plants arrived and that was the end of my brief sojourn with glamour, and the end of the beautiful nails.

Be careful: Once started, resistance is fertile!

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Best wishes,

Judy x



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