Life before DMV

I’m not completely new to gardening. I’d started with a double allotment in Bath. I built it up from nothing and I loved it.  Life changed, and we moved to Glastonbury. There I nurtured a small town-garden attached to a Georgian house. I built it up from nothing and I loved it. Life changed again, we separated and we moved on.

I rented a secluded holiday cottage for me and my daughter, attached to a farmhouse. It had a small garden for me to use, tended by the owner’s gardener.


I relished that rented garden because there was nothing I could do in it except enjoy it. It gave me lots of time to “get a life”… walking, going to weekend festivals, sunbathing, dating (again), and visiting my favourite museums, galleries and friends in London. Life was rich, exciting and I had beautiful nails.

I really didn’t miss gardening.

When the time came to buy again, a tiny cottage – with long grass and two apple trees – had a definite appeal. I could just mix a G&T, lay out on a lounger, and enjoy that dappled shade without having to change a thing. I’d got accustomed to looking up, not down.


But during my time at the rented place I’d met a man who, at some point, had listened to me waxing lyrical about my old gardens… It stuck in his mind, and when Christmas approached, he had a brain wave.

He’d buy me a surprise garden. A Small Constant Garden from Rocket Gardens. Not knowing much about gardening himself, he was struck by how quick and easy it would be to introduce a ‘bit of gardening’ back into my life.

The sales patter read:

It’s so simple that no gardening experience is required. Just pop the plants into the ground to create your own instant kitchen garden.”

The plants arrived and I was, once again, addicted.

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Best wishes,

Judy x



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